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Sep. 5th, 2025 11:36 pm
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Character: Aurora Belle Jenkins
Canon: Original
Player: Lan
Game: [livejournal.com profile] mayfield_rpg Homeless :C
Application: here

Feel free to contact me for plotting/crit/etc., here or at:

AIM: Ocular Doomsday
Plurk: Hellglass

Current regains:
- levitation
- incorporeal form
- outfit
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[Phone call filtered from drones:]
Okay, okay, I get it now. I get why all of you kept telling me that this place is really that awful! I try to look on the good side of it all - being human and alive again has been wonderful for the most part - but that... That was truly awful! The lowest of the low! How does whoever that was harassing the Mayor expect us to ever be thankful! It was their fault, right? Making everyone suffer like that, to... to die i-in such terrible ways, to... [The strong voice had started to waver and crack a bit, but she clears her throat and continues.]

A-Anyway! Just because it's over now and things look back to normal, don't think we'll forget. I know I won't!

[She tries to hide a sniffle, when the sound of a drone man's voice asks what she's doing making such a racket on the phone when dinner's not finished yet. Aurora simply sighs and hangs up.]


[Action: After a stop off at the bakery for a few dozen cookies - she still hasn't gotten the hang of baking them herself - Aurora will be knocking on all the doors on Bilko Boulevard. There's a sweet-looking young lady at your door, offering a smile and some snacks.]

Hi there! My name's Aurora, and I live nearby! I wanted to say hi. I really never did introduce myself to all my neighbors.

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Action A: Like most folks in town, Aurora received something in the mail! She's too curious and anxious to take it inside, and opens her little envelope right near the mailbox. At first she's not sure what it's supposed to be. Just a cartoonish ghost hovering a few feet off the ground. Confused, Aurora turns to head into the house... only to start hovering off the ground herself. She yelps in surprise at first, but then is overjoyed to have one of her usual abilities back. It's only a few moments to get back into the habit. Anyone neighbors or passersby can stop to see what's up!

Action B: Aurora is glad to have this ability back, and can be found hovering all over town, a smile on her face, her long hair trailing behind her. She's going up and over cars, houses, bicyclists, whoever. You there, stop looking up her dress! She's floating from tree branch to tree branch in the park, standing on top of flag poles, trying to outrace birds, all manner of things. However, being a ghost, Aurora is also used to being incorporeal. Occasionally she forgets this, reflexes taking over, and runs face first into doors, or slips off whatever she's perching on and lands with a thud before she can get her hovering back in order. Hopefully she won't land on you. Feel free to interrupt her at any point! She'll also gleefully wave and greet anyone she sees.

"Hi there! Isn't today great?"

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Action A: [LADIES AND GENTLEMAN OF MAYFIELD: There is a 30-foot-tall Aurora trying to make sure you're not looking up her skirt. She squeals and holds it tight against her.]

N-Nooo! What's going on? Why am I-- What was that-- I DON'T WANT TO BE GIGANTIC!


Action B: [Unsure of what to do, Aurora sits outside the elementary school, irritated and pouting. She can't teach like this, what with being unable to use her materials and other 30-foot-tall people gallivanting about Mayfield causing quite the ruckus.]

Um, class will have to be cancelled for today! And I guess until all this nonsense ends. Violent doubles, spaceships, gooey blobs and now this. I don't even want to know what's next! Why can't they just leave us alone?


Action C: [Not one to waste time standing around, gigantic or not, Aurora will use this time to help clean up the town. Lose a football on the roof? Aurora can get it for you! Windows need washing on the office buildings downtown? She will take care of it! Don't be too startled by the large grey eye peering in your office window all of a sudden. Or maybe you'd just like to get a new view of the town; Aurora will lift you up for a look.]

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Action A: Aurora Belle is all over town this afternoon and Thursday. I do mean everywhere. She's sitting in the park, sifting through colorful fallen leaves and choosing between them with a discerning look. She's at the toy store looking in a bin of multi-colored rubber balls, checking from a list in her hand. She's at the pharmacy, looking at different brands of pills. She's looking in your garage, your window, your office, your lunchroom. You name it and she's there!

What's she up to? If you look at her list, she's got a list of colors on there, and some are crossed off. Forgetting the names of more esoteric colors, she has things written down like "Jamie's favorite color", "the color of the couches", "that bluey green one" or "purplish red" as the list goes on. Her totes bags are full of a random assortment of items, all vibrantly colored. But she still has a long way to go and not much time! She must complete her quest by homecoming on Friday night!


Action B: Speaking of homecoming, Aurora has a date and jewelry but no dress! So she'll be stopping at the department store as well, trying things on. If you need help looking for an outfit, Aurora is your girl and will be glad to help!

[Phone call, open to all.]

There's so much going on in this town, that it's hard to keep up! People are talking about Halloween... I think I remember that! Costumes and candy, right? Sounds like fun!

Oh, speaking of costumes, does anyone out there sew? I'd like to work at the... what was it called? Costume Cafe? But I need a costume. Can someone help me?

Oh and there's this Homecoming thing too! Is it just for the high school students? I'd like to go. Is a date required? I don't have one yet. Does someone out there need one?

Um, I guess that's it for now. Thanks, everyone!

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[Phone call: open to all]

Okay, so, all that zombie stuff is over, right? I see what you guys mean, now. That was terrible! Is everyone alright? Do you need anything? I know I'm new here, but I'd like to help if I can. Anything, you name it!

Oh, I also got a call yesterday from the elementary school, asking if I was actually going to come into work today? I didn't know I had a job. Does this normally happen?


[Later on, Aurora will be found in the following places:

A) At the elementary school! Welcome the new reading teacher, kids. A perky teen dressed perfectly in her 1950s clothes, looking excited to be there while writing her name on the board: Aurora Belle Jenkins.]

Hi! I'm Ms. Jenkins, but the drones will tell you I'm Mrs. Gell-- um, Mrs. Jellv-- Well, it doesn't matter. Aurora is just fine!

Ah... To be perfectly honest with you all, I don't know the first thing about teaching. Things are pretty different where I come from. And a reading teacher? I'm not sure what to do, really... [She picks up her teacher's guide and flips through it, looking unsure of what to do.]

Well, how about this? Since it's my first day here, we'll take it easy! Tell me about yourself. Let's get to know each other!

[And every single student shall be called on. NONE SHALL ESCAPE.]

[B) After school, Aurora will be out and about the town, glad to not be locked in the house any longer. She'll be at the department store, looking at clothes and trying them on, not bothered by the 50s style at all. She actually seems to like it.

Aurora will also be stopping in at the record store, perusing the selection. She'll occasionally pick up a rock 'n' roll album and look it over, thinking. There's something about it that's strangely familiar, but she can't quite put her finger on it. She doesn't know it, but Aurora was born in 1960, so a lot of things in Mayfield have a comfortable and familiar quality about it. But thanks to her status as a ghost, she can't really remember.]

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[Action1 : 921 Bilko Blvd. Waking up is awfully strange, especially when you don't sleep. Aurora Belle sits up in the bed for a few moments, blinking in confusion. Everything around her was solid, as well. Was this some new fancy house in the Afterlife? They certainly never had pajamas before there. Or sleeping people.

Speaking of. Poke poke, sleeping man. There's a lovely new wife for you to wake up to.]

Hello! Hi. Um. I have a lot of questions for you, if you don't mind.

[After that, it's off to explore the house. She'll be gawking at the photos, poking the appliances, and generally touching anything and everything like it is all shiny, new and novel. This will lead to a phone call to everyone! There's a clattering sound as the receiver hits the ground.]

Oh no! Did I break it? What... How do these things work again? [Insert the sound of the receiver being fiddled with.]

[Later, Action 2: Aurora has taken to the streets to explore her surroundings. Despite any warnings she may have been given, she looks like she's having a grand old time. She looks positively giddy as she comes upon the park. She'll be stopping whoever passes by to share her joy with.]

Isn't. This. AMAZING? I had no idea that the sun felt like this! Or that the air smelled like this! [She breathes in and lets out a deep breath.] And that breathing is so easy! You don't even have to think about it or anything! Or blinking, either! Or a lot of things! Hey, do you think I can climb that tree?


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